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OPRA Walk Sunday 21st October

We will be walking again next Sunday, meeting as usual at the Anchor at 9.30am to share cars.  We will drive to Crowcombe Station where we will start a 4 mile (6.5 Km) circular walk taking in Roebuck Farm, Crowcombe Village, Roebuck Gate Farm and back to the station. We will be back at the Anchor for a late lunch for those requiring it.

Strong boots/shoes, waterproof jacket and a drink are recommended.

We look forward to seeing you.

Extended deadline for the Steart Marshes questionnaire

Dear Otter Tales readers

(Till 15 August): Extended deadline for the Steart Marshes questionnaire! (Online link below)

In the middle of July, each house in Steart, Stockland Bristol, Otterhampton and Combwich received a paper copy of the questionnaire “About You, the Estuary and Steart Marshes”, created by UWE Bristol and Japanese universities.

If a representative from your household (someone aged 15 or older, ideally whose birthday is the closest to 1st January ) has not yet filled in the questionnaire, although he/she is happy to make a contribution, please send in the paper questionnaire (by the 15 August) or use the link below to fill in the online format instead.
Online questionnaire link > sCTsr28ONOcfkbcH3

If your house representative has already sent in the questionnaire, please ignore this email.
Sorry, and a big thank you!

< Further information about the project >
Supported by the Sedgemoor District Council, we are independent researchers from universities in Bristol and Japan who have conducted similar studies in Malaysia and Japan.

We are looking for someone aged 15 or older, ideally whose birthday is the closest to 1st January to complete the survey as a representative of the views of the household.

If you are interested, you can also enter the prize draw with a chance to win a one of three £20 vouchers for the Blackmore Farm Shop or the Croft Farm Family Butchers (which sells saltmarsh lamb from the Steart Marshes). The information you give us will remain anonymous, and the deadline for posting the survey or sending your answer via online link is 15 August 2018.

(online questionnaire link) OcfkbcH3

The research results will be shared in a future Otter Tales and Stockland Gatepost.
Thank you very much in advance!

(Commissioners of the survey)
Dr Mark Everard (University of the West of England); Rob McInness (RM Wetlands & Environment Ltd.); Dr Naoyuki Mikami (Hokkaido University, Japan); Dr Hiromi Yamashita (Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Japan) E-mail:, Tel +81 977 78 1065

Revised Date – EDF Generator arrives at Combwich Wharf, Wednesday 28th February

EDF Announcement. We are now expecting the barge to arrive at Combwich Wharf on Wednesday 28 February 2018 at 05:15hrs. Of course this is still very much dependent on weather conditions. Our current plan is then to unload the 2 abnormal loads onto the road transporters and park ithem along the private road on the Wednesday, before transporting it to the Hinkley Point site on Sunday 4 March. Sedgemoor District Council and the Local Planning Authority are fully aware of our revised intentions – see planning consent reference 13/89/00012.
We will of course keep you updated with our plans as things develop, and we will deliver letters to home owners who live close to the wharf nearer the time.



Aly Prowse
Otterhampton Parish Council

8 February 2018

Delivery cancelled due to bad weather

Dear Aly,

Combwich Wharf

I am writing to inform you of the forthcoming arrival of a large load at Combwich Wharf.

As part of our planned maintenance activities at Hinkley Point B power station, we have identified the
need to replace one of our generator transformer units. Due to the physical size of these units, the
replacement will need to be transported by sea! Continue reading Revised Date – EDF Generator arrives at Combwich Wharf, Wednesday 28th February