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Summer on the Common

IMG_0538New football nets and a basketball post and net have just been installed on the Common for the start of the school summer holiday by the parish council. We hope young people and perhaps those not so young will enjoy them.

Dog walkers and others are enjoying this lovely piece of land we call the common, which is the gateway to other lovely walks along the river towards Steart and a 3 mile circular walk along the new footpath through Steart Marshes. This is an easy walk and has the advantage of public toilets (on Stert Drove) halfway round. New footpaths will be opening soon with bird hides to help you enjoy the wildlife. For those with restricted mobility why not drive to the official car park on Stert Drove and take advantage of wheelchair friendly access to the marshes.

New Community Newsletter

We are examining the possibility of creating a new “Community Newsletter” for this parish to replace the existing Parish Council and OPRA newsletters which could be published on a quarterly or bi-monthly basis. We hope this can be a real community enterprise with space dedicated to all those organisations which contribute to the rich variety of our community life.

The format for such a publication will be decided by an editorial team yet to be established. If you are interested in playing any part in this venture, Continue reading New Community Newsletter