Snippets from the November & December 2014 Parish Council Meetings

Whilst we are trying to canvass interest in putting together a community newsletter, we would like to update you with items the parish council is working on and involved with, as this ultimately affects many if not all of our parishioners. In the interim therefore, we will produce a ‘mini newsletter’, probably on a bi-monthly basis.


If you would like any further information on any of these items, please either ring or email me:

Aly Prowse    01278 652426 (Parish Clerk)


Or contact one of your parish councillors


Barry Leathwood (Chairman)    Tel 01278 652399

Tim Jones (Vice-Chairman)        Tel 01278 653829

Dick Best (Steart Ward)              Tel 01278 651063

Mervyn Brown                             Tel 07834 633460

Paul Gripton                                 Tel 01278 653240

Liz Sidebotham                            Tel 01278 653028

Reg Wilkes                                    Tel 01278 652339



John Edney                                   Tel 01278 653026


Julie Pay                                        Tel 01278 732619

Mike Caswell                                Tel 01278 732564



We have carried out some, and are in the process of further enhancements on and around the Common. You may have noticed the benches adjacent to the river have been refurbished together with a new football net and basketball ring which were erected during the summer. In the children’s play area, we have replaced one of the beams; a litter bin and bench have also been ordered for the play area.


Two disabled car parking bays have been requested on the car parking strip alongside the Common (at the Anchor Inn end) so that people with mobility issues can at least get reasonably close to the Steart Marshes area.

Garage for Sand and Grit Storage


We have secured a garage from Sedgemoor District Council at Brookside to enable the storage of sand (for sand bags in case of flooding - as residents of Estuary Park ‘almost’ experienced last winter) and grit to place on icy roads.


The Chairman and Clerk hold keys to the garage in case of an emergency.


We are awaiting permission from Somerset Highways to install a grit bin at the roadside on Otterhampton Hill (on the Steart side).




Ross Edwards from EDF attended the parish council meeting on 6.11.14 to update us on the provisional timetable and implications of the wharf works; briefly:

Q4 2014 – Select preferred contractor – award of contract early in 2015

Q1 2015 – Modicum of work including early ecological works (reptiles/birds/tree lopping)

Q2 2015 – Upgrade the Access Rd (C182 to the wharf) including culverts, est. 2 months work

Q3 2015 – Planned deliveries for Hinkley Point B Outage

Q4 2015 – The new wharf quay (October, est. 6 -7 months to build)

Q4/Q1 2016 – Main Quay works (Dec/Jan) 15 -16 month sequential build time (L-shaped quay) 

Q1 2017 – Lay-down facility (when wharf works are finished) 12-15 month construction period

Q2 2018 - First delivery for Hinkley C by boat (June)

·         Building works and working hours will be in accordance with the Development Consent Order

·         Pile Driving – it is hoped ‘pile installation’ will be the method used rather than ‘tapping’ (although tapping cannot be ruled out)

·         Complaints – there is a manned 24 hour complaints hotline; tel 0800 096 9650


Anti-Social-Behaviour (ASB) Problems


We have been working with the Police and other agencies in trying to understand and resolve the ASB problems we have been experiencing.


The Police have reiterated the need for help from the community to inform them when ASB incidents occur. The latest incident for example was a fire in the bus shelter at the beginning of December.


Any incidents you witness PLEASE ring 101. Your name will not be given to the perpetrators. 




We recently held a meeting with Hinkley B representatives and the land owner to try and resolve the blocked access problems, particularly prior to works at the Wharf, as we do not want HGV’s travelling through the village.


Hinkley B are considering replacement gates (taller and stronger) and new signage. 


The private road belongs to EDF and the gates should be locked at all times. There is no public access along this road.



Hinkley C

Community Impact Mitigation (CIM)


Shortly we hope the Otterhampton Parish Project Team (OPPT) made up of volunteers’ parish wide, will be formed. They can then begin the process of community involvement to ensure all potential CIM projects are given due consideration and the maximum opportunity for their implementation, subject of course, to the CIM criteria.   


The Project Team will not be campaigning for particular projects, but will be available to advise and support community groups to make successful funding applications.


We have submitted our Precept (budget) request for the 2015/16 financial year. The precept has been maintained as per this year i.e £17500. The fixed obligatory costs are for example; Annual Insurance, Audit, Clerk’s salary, Grass cutting, Children’s playground inspection, Emptying dog and litter bins, Wharf Rd Maintenance etc. We also need to budget for ad hoc costs such as repairs and maintenance, enhancement projects, defibrillator and subscriptions – and for 2015, £1000 in case there is a contested election.


We also like to be able to make grants to various groups within the parish, such as the £1000 awarded recently to help with the Village Hall refurbishment.




Thursday 8 January 2015

Thursday 5 February 2015

Thursday 5 March 2015

Parishioners are welcome to attend the meetings which commence with a short open public session where you can raise issues of concern, including agenda items. Agendas are placed on the notice boards up to 5 days prior to the meeting(s)