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 All parishioners are welcome to attend. This is your chance to have your say on any subject of concern to the Parish

The Parish Council Annual Meeting will follow the above meeting at 7.30pm

Mrs Aly Prowse           Date     23rd April 2014

(Clerk to the Counci)_l


Aly Prowse – our new parish clerk

Aly ProwseOtterhampton Parish Council are pleased to announce the appointment of Aly Prowse as Clerk to the Council from 1st April 2014. Aly replaces Peter Shaw who has served the parish magnificently for the last 25 years.

 Here’s what Aly had to say on her appointment: –

“I am very pleased to have been offered the post of Clerk to Otterhampton Parish Council. Peter Shaw will be a hard act to follow but I will work as hard as I can to ensure a smooth handover so that Peter can take a well-earned holiday and retirement!

Born and bred in Combwich and now happily living in Steart, I am very proud to be a ‘local’ and consider myself very fortunate to live in such a lovely area. Hopefully, many of you will already know me and will no doubt, have seen me walking my dogs between Combwich and Steart on a regular basis, something I particularly enjoy; together with attending various Village events.

My working background started at Hinkley Point where I worked for some twenty-eight years (predominantly in business administration and finance) followed by three years at The Shurton Inn and then four years working in the A & S Police control room in Taunton. I am currently Clerk to Stogursey Parish Council, a role I enjoy and one that I believe will compliment this one, as there are many areas of common ground, such as Hinkley Point.

I very much look forward to starting my new role, working with your councillors and doing ‘my bit’ for the parish.”

Aly Prowse

Combwich Defibrillator (adjacent to the phone box)


The Combwich Defibrillator Group and the Parish Council are pleased to announce that the defibrillator, donated by Somerset County Council, has now been linked to the ambulance service and placed in the security cabinet adjacent to the telephone box on Brookside Road.

Our aim is to promote within the community a greater understanding of the actions to be taken when faced with the emergency of a person who has collapsed.  The provision of defibrillator is an important part of what could be a life-saving action, but the ability to perform resuscitation, the widely publicised CPR (cardio-pulmonary resuscitation), quickly and effectively while waiting for an ambulance or a defibrillator will greatly increase the chances of a successful outcome. Continue reading Combwich Defibrillator (adjacent to the phone box)

New Parish Clerk Required

Peter Shaw, Clerk to the Parish Council for many years is taking a well deserved retirement from the end of the financial year (5th April 2014). More of which at a later date.

The Otterhampton Parish Council is therefore seeking to appoint a Clerk / Responsible Financial Officer to take up the post on the 1st March 2014. Application forms and further information from Peter Shaw 01278 652626. The closing date for applications is 13th December 2013

Nuclear Decommissioning – Hinkley Point A!

The Nuclear  Decommission Authority (NDA) is currently consulting on optimising the number  and location of: Interim Intermediate Level Waste (ILW) storage facilities on  Magnox Limited and EDF Energy sites and FED Treatment (Dissolution) Facilities  in Magnox Limited.
A preferred  option is for the treatment of FED (fuel element debris) from Hincley Point A  and Olbury nuclear power stations at one new plant at Hinckley Point  A.
The full  information is available on  The link includes the full  paper as well as summary leaflets and a film ( that explains the  project and the options published for comment.
Comments should  be sent to before  the 31st January  2014.
The Otterhampton  Parish Council will be discussing this matter at the next meeting on Thursday  5th December and would  welcome the views of residents

Paul Gripton Honoured

Paul and Sue Gripton

Paul Gripton received a Somerset County Council Chairman’s Award for Service to the Community at a Ceremony in Taunton last Thursday 18th October. The citation read: –“Otterhampton Parish Council is delighted that Paul Gripton’s service to our community has been recognised by this award. Paul has earned the gratitude and respect of everyone by his tireless efforts on behalf of our community, but particularly in identifying, researching and leading the community’s response to the challenges imposed by EDF’s proposals for Combwich with great skill and dedication”. Continue reading Paul Gripton Honoured

Combwich Wildflower Meadow Project

You cannot help but notice the removal of turf at the entrance to Combwich and wondered what is happening. This is the start of the creation of a wild flower meadow by volunteers from the village. The work will continue next Saturday 20th October from 10am and volunteers are needed to complete this stage of the work. If you can give us an hour or two to enhance our village it would be much appreciated.. For more information contact Liz on (01278) 652687