Weather News

P1000543Our local weatherman has taken advantage of a 50% off offer and upgraded his weather station. The new equipment records a range of new parameters every 48 seconds. This allows him to publish a table every morning in the form of a blog containing a wealth of data for the previous 24 hours. He intends to make available figures for the previous month, so to avoid cluttering up the village website, this is available at  Anyone wishing to view the rainfall radar or the expected rainfall for the next few hours may do so at HERE.

Weather data is gathered by an automatic weather station located near the top of Nursery Close which acquires, analyses and stores the parameters 24/7. It provides rainfall figures for BBC Points West and the Combwich Village website. The data is usually recorded at 09.00 each day and a summary of the previous 24 hours is published as soon after that time as possible.