C182 (Cannington to Combwich) Night Time Road Closure UPDATE

The night time road closure has been postponed as per the following statement from Somerset County Council. 

“The construction of the new shared pedestrian/cyclist facilities along Combwich Road and other associated works has been delayed due to unexpected alternations required to utility assets in the area. These works have been essential to enable us to proceed with our construction works. Unfortunately, the diversion works deferred the start of main construction and subsequently, postponed the road closure planned for the last phase of works that involves surfacing.

As you are probably aware, the main construction works on Combwich Road have already started on 6th June 2016. The majority of works will be undertaken under temporary 24/7 single file traffic signals, but for the period of three weeks commencing on 26th September 2016, the evening closure will be also implemented. After much thought and careful consideration, it has been decided to use evening closure to ensure works are completed in a safe and efficient manner and would not cause much disruption to local residents. The closure has been programmed to provide the Contractor with a sufficient time to complete works within given timescales or, if possible, ahead of schedule. I understand that temporary restrictions may have an impact on journey times, but regrettably, we are not in a position to start road closure later than 1900hrs as this may have a possible impact on project completion date. The road closure for re-surfacing works will be implemented from Monday evening to Friday evening; road should remain open during weekends (Saturday 6am to Monday 7pm) though. We sincerely apologise in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

I would like to confirm that we have a duty to maintain the access to emergency services as and when required. Also, an access to adjacent properties will be kept at all times, but in case this will be temporarily not possible due to nature of undertaken works, all affected residents/business owners will be liaised with regards to alternative arrangements in advance.”


Otterhampton Parish Council