Revised Date – EDF Generator arrives at Combwich Wharf, Wednesday 28th February

EDF Announcement. We are now expecting the barge to arrive at Combwich Wharf on Wednesday 28 February 2018 at 05:15hrs. Of course this is still very much dependent on weather conditions. Our current plan is then to unload the 2 abnormal loads onto the road transporters and park ithem along the private road on the Wednesday, before transporting it to the Hinkley Point site on Sunday 4 March. Sedgemoor District Council and the Local Planning Authority are fully aware of our revised intentions – see planning consent reference 13/89/00012.
We will of course keep you updated with our plans as things develop, and we will deliver letters to home owners who live close to the wharf nearer the time.



Aly Prowse
Otterhampton Parish Council

8 February 2018

Delivery cancelled due to bad weather

Dear Aly,

Combwich Wharf

I am writing to inform you of the forthcoming arrival of a large load at Combwich Wharf.

As part of our planned maintenance activities at Hinkley Point B power station, we have identified the
need to replace one of our generator transformer units. Due to the physical size of these units, the
replacement will need to be transported by sea!

Currently the barge carrying the transformer is planned to arrive at the wharf on one of the high tides
during Friday 16 February, although this will be dependent on weather conditions. The units will then
be unloaded, taken to the private road and transported to the Hinkley Point Bsite independently on
Sunday 18 February. Sedgemoor District Council and the Local Planning Authority are fully aware of
our intentions – see planning consent reference 13/89/00012.

The complex operation will be carried out on our behalf by ALE (heavy lift transport company).

Due to the nature of the tidal conditions in the Bridgwater Bay and our maintenance schedule
arrangements, working in the evening and during early morning may unfortunately be necessary and
unavoidable in this case. We would like to apologise for any inconvenience that may be caused to
local residents, and we would like to thank you for your continued support.

In the meantime, ifyou wish to discuss these matters further, please contact Dave Stokes on 01278
654699 or Annelise Cowie on 01278654535.

Kind regards

Peter Evans

Station Director
Hinkley Point B

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