Helen Jowett Receives Somerset County Council Chairman’s Award

Helen JowetAt a special awards ceremony in Taunton recently, our very own Helen Jowett was presented with Somerset County Council Chairman’s Award for service to her community. The citation read “Every community would love a Helen Jowett, and the parish of Otterhampton is very lucky to have her. Here is a person who puts others first and not a day goes by when she is not doing something for someone, somewhere; be it for the young, the old, the able and the not so able. Helen gives so much but takes so very little. ‘No’ would not appear to be in her vocabulary. Her life has not necessarily been a bed of roses either, yet you will never hear her moan about her lot. It is difficult to know where to start listing the reasons why she should be a recipient of this award, but during the past 30 years or so she has enhanced the community to such a degree through her involvement, energy, enthusiasm, commitment, compassion and sense of fun that she is respected and loved by everyone. The Parish Council cannot think of a more worthy winner of this award than Helen”.