Parish Council


What is Otterhampton Parish Council?

  • It is the first tier of local government.
  • It is an elected body with tax raising powers (known as the precept).
  • It represents the villages of Combwich, Otterhampton and Steart (the latter being a separate ward electing one member to the council).

7 councillors represent the parish and they have a four year term of office.  The council is elected en bloc every 4 years – the last time was May 2011.

The next election will be in May 2015 when several councillors have indicated they will be standing down. If you are interested in becoming a parish councillor please contact the clerk or one of the other councillors for more information.

The parish council is served by an appointed Parish Clerk, who is responsible for calling meetings, preparing the agenda in consultation with the chair person and writing the minutes of the meetings and dealing with correspondence etc. The current Clerk is Aly Prowse telephone 01278 652426.

The council is concerned with routine matters such as the children’s playground, grass cutting (except the main part of the common which is done by OPRA), the village gardener, notice boards, benches , dog bins, some path and road maintenance etc.

Of particular concern over the last two years have been the EDF proposals for Combwich and the creation of wetland habitat schemes at Steart by the Environment Agency and the Port of Bristol Company.  The council has been involved and continues to be involved in extensive consultations and negotiations with all three organisations on behalf of the community.


Who are the Parish Councillors for Otterhampton?

Click on a picture below to send that person an email. 

Jon Berry
Jon Berry (Chair) tel: 652682


Julie Evans

Julie Evans

Aly Prowse (Clerk) tel. 652426
Aly Prowse (Clerk) tel. 652426
Bob Birkenhead
Bob Birkenhead tel.653177


Dick Best
Dick Best (Steart) (Vice-chair)  tel.651063


Barry Leathwood  tel.652399

Heath Bennett
Heath Bennett tel:651356

Other key contacts for Otterhampton are…

  • District Councillors
    • Michael Caswell   (tel. 652043)
    • Julie Pay   (tel. 732956)
  • County Councillor
    • John Edney   (tel. 653026)

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