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Global Warming!!!

P1090609 (2)Danger lurks in the Quantock Hills as giant ants appear to be taking over!!! Do we have to look forward to more of this? (click image for better view)

Photo Tom Jacobs 4/4/2014

Local weather station has just got bigger and better!

The Combwich weather station has now gone live. It is pretty comprehensive and may be viewed every day between 08.00 and 22.00 at, and if all goes well it will soon be run 24/7. The next objective is to add a webcam with a view over the outskirts of Combwich towards Nether Stowey and the Quantocks from whence most of our rain comes.

The historical site recording daily and monthly summaries continues at as ever.

Find out more HERE

Weather News

P1000543Our local weatherman has taken advantage of a 50% off offer and upgraded his weather station. The new equipment records a range of new parameters every 48 seconds. This allows him to publish a table every morning in the form of a blog containing a wealth of data for the previous 24 hours. He intends to make available figures for the previous month, so to avoid cluttering up the village website, this is available at  Anyone wishing to view the rainfall radar or the expected rainfall for the next few hours may do so at HERE.

Weather data is gathered by an automatic weather station located near the top of Nursery Close which acquires, analyses and stores the parameters 24/7. It provides rainfall figures for BBC Points West and the Combwich Village website. The data is usually recorded at 09.00 each day and a summary of the previous 24 hours is published as soon after that time as possible.

…and now, over to our weather centre

Did you know that we have our very own weatherman in Combwich?  Take a look at his  rainfall records for the village, and read on to learn something surprising about our local weather…

“After the wet spell we’ve had this autumn and winter, if I say that Combwich is one of the driest places in the West of England you’ll think it’s time to send for the men in the white coats! However, I assure you this is so. There is a micro-climate that exists along the coast from Watchet to Brean Down. Whilst we get all the general rain sweeping in from the Atlantic like everybody else and general rain covering the whole country from the north, where we are different is that we miss out on two major weather streams that dump huge quantities of wetness as they pass. Continue reading …and now, over to our weather centre