…and now, over to our weather centre

Did you know that we have our very own weatherman in Combwich?  Take a look at his  rainfall records for the village, and read on to learn something surprising about our local weather…

“After the wet spell we’ve had this autumn and winter, if I say that Combwich is one of the driest places in the West of England you’ll think it’s time to send for the men in the white coats! However, I assure you this is so. There is a micro-climate that exists along the coast from Watchet to Brean Down. Whilst we get all the general rain sweeping in from the Atlantic like everybody else and general rain covering the whole country from the north, where we are different is that we miss out on two major weather streams that dump huge quantities of wetness as they pass. One starts down around the Canary Isles, sweeps up over Spain and Brittany and hits the UK in the Plymouth area. It passes on over Dartmoor and Exmoor and exits around Barnstaple and heads for Swansea. It sometimes reaches as far east as Wellington and Taunton, but very rarely touches us.

The second stream comes up the English Channel and affects the south coast. It often reaches as far north as Yeovil and occasionally touches Wellington and Taunton, but not Combwich! So the yearly rainfall at Congresbury and Wellington, no more than 18 miles away as the crow flies, is usually 50% greater than ours.”