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EDF Generator arrives at Combwich Wharf, Friday 16th February


Aly Prowse
Otterhampton Parish Council

8 February 2018

Delivery cancelled due to bad weather

Dear Aly,

Combwich Wharf

I am writing to inform you of the forthcoming arrival of a large load at Combwich Wharf.

As part of our planned maintenance activities at Hinkley Point B power station, we have identified the
need to replace one of our generator transformer units. Due to the physical size of these units, the
replacement will need to be transported by sea! Continue reading EDF Generator arrives at Combwich Wharf, Friday 16th February

The Avian Influenza Prevention Zone from Defra


1. Further to the cases in Dorset last week, Defra have just announced that dead waterfowl have been reported at a second location – a reservoir in Warwickshire;
2. 13 birds from the site have been confirmed with High Path AI, H5N6;
3. Testing of the birds is ongoing, however, it is expected that this will be the same H5N6 strain of the virus which has been circulating in wild birds across Europe in recent months i.e the European strain;
4. As a result Defra have extended the current AI Prevention Zone (AIPZ) (currently covering parts of Dorset) to the whole of England; Continue reading The Avian Influenza Prevention Zone from Defra

Otter Wheels – 100 Journeys

One year on and we have just had our 100th journey (see picture – Elizabeth Marriott with driver Mick Bulman). It all started very slowly, but the number of client’s has gradually increased and now we need extra drivers to meet the need, particularly during holiday periods.

If you are interested in becoming an occasional driver for the scheme please contact Yvonne on 07925 154216.

Expenses are paid and you only accept a journey if it is convenient to you.  The scheme and drivers are much appreciated by all the users of this now essential service.

Otter Wheels