Brookside Road Development

Here is the link to the previous application for 60 houses off Brookside in application 39/20/00013 to remind people of their previous comments–&pc=&l=&k=&dt=–&at=–&f=&t=

In consultees comments you will find the submission from the Parish Council amongst many other comments. The comments from residents are listed in Interested Parties. The reasons for refusal is a good start if you are objecting. Some things do not seem to have changed especially in paragraphs 1 and 2.

The new application is 39/22/00003 which can be found in–&pc=&l=&k=&dt=–&at=–&f=&t=

Please give valid planning reasons in your comments as shown on the reverse of the letter that some of you may have received. Or, look at…/Commenting-on-a-Planning…

Bob Birkenhead

Chairman Otterhampton Parish Council